Compass Group Named 2024 Top PE Innovator By BluWave

Compass Group Equity Partners announced today that the firm is a recipient of the 2024 Top Private Equity Innovator Awards from BluWave, the business builders’ network for private equity grade due diligence and value creation needs. BluWave’s third annual Top Private Equity Innovator Awards recognize the top 2% of private equity firms that differentially embrace proactive due diligence, transformative value creation, modern private equity firm operations and corporate citizenship practices.

“Compass Group adopts a unique approach in supporting our portfolio companies and their employees,” said John Huhn, Managing Partner. “Instead of relying heavily on a traditional operating partner model, we offer Compass Guides who provide readily available senior-level advisory services across key functional areas such as Human Resources, General Counsel, Digital Transformation and Marketing.”

The Top Private Equity Innovator awardees were selected by a cross-functional committee that assessed candidates in consultation with a broad universe of limited partners, investment bankers, industry thought leaders and service providers in the private equity ecosystem. As part of their selection process, the committee evaluated more than 5,000 private equity firms and utilized more than 75 different factors, incorporating more than 400,000 data points.

“The 2024 top private equity innovators are providing differential leadership in the world of business,” said Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave. “Their innovative practices are strengthening companies, creating jobs and catalyzing a rebound in our economy.”

For further information on the BluWave 2024 Top Private Equity Innovator Awards, including the selection process, selection criteria and recipients, please visit

About Compass Group Equity Partners
Compass Group Equity Partners is a St. Louis-based private equity firm with a record of success in partnering with and building lower middle-market companies. Founded in 2015, Compass Group brings a thesis-driven approach and decades of operational, financial, and strategic expertise to aid management teams in accelerating growth for long-term value creation.

About BluWave
BluWave is the Business Builders’ Network for private equity-grade service provider needs. The company’s platform combines AI, technology and data with concierge-like consultative support to expertly connect businesses with proven providers across due diligence, value creation and prep for sale. The BluWave Vetted™ network is an invite-only ecosystem of top-tier service-providing groups and individuals. Based in Nashville, Tenn., BluWave ranks as one of America’s fastest-growing companies and today serves hundreds of leading private equity firms and their thousands of portfolio companies.

BluWave, LP has not received investment capital from and holds no ownership interest in the PE firms evaluated or recognized under the PE Innovator awards program. BluWave received no compensation from any of the PE firms in connection with this awards program. BluWave, however, may otherwise provide services to the PE firms and/or portfolio companies, but BluWave confirms that its assessment of the PE firms was independent of any such service arrangements. Top 2% in the PE industry is based on BluWave’s review of the more than 5,000 PE firms in the U.S. and Canada, from which the 82 private equity firms were selected as award recipients. Compass did not pay a fee to receive this award but has used BluWave’s services in the past. This award is not to be construed as indicative of Compass’s future performance. Reference to an award is only one piece of information relevant to an evaluation of an investment adviser such as Compass and additional factors are available. Finally, this award represents information as of a specific date and time and may not reflect important information related to an evaluation of the investment adviser which has occurred prior to, or subsequent to, the award. Compass received this award in 2024 and 2023. Compass is not affiliated with BluWave.