Our Values

At Compass Group we are guided by five core values that support and help us achieve our mission. These values are the foundation of our work and our interactions with our partners and each other.

You will find them on display from the moment we meet for the first time, continuing as we deliver on our promises post-acquisition and throughout day-to-day operations. They include:

Everybody Matters

We build trust and respect by taking the time to listen to and understand the perspective of others. In doing so, we empower others and learn to value all opinions and recognize and reward individual contributions. We support leadership development through mentoring and positive reinforcement. Our priorities include the health and safety of our employees, our partners, and the communities where we work and live.

Doing What’s Right

We seek to create a culture of honesty, integrity, and teamwork, remaining fair and exercising good judgment in even the most difficult situations. By doing what is right and having the courage to deliver honest and candid feedback, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to always do what’s right for the sake of doing what is right.


Maintaining customer-focus means delivering quality products and exceptional service. We accomplish that by anticipating and exceeding customer expectations, providing creative solutions and building customer relationships that reflect patience, thoughtfulness, and flexibility.

Results Matter

Each of us is obligated to embrace responsibility and deliver on our promises. We hold ourselves and others accountable through the measurement of key metrics. We share a common mission, which requires us to work together to achieve sustainable growth in revenue and margins to help our partners succeed.

Be Better

In the spirit of continuous personal and operational improvement, we seek to do better and be better every day. We prepare for the future by continuously strengthening our organization and the companies in our portfolio. By providing a positive, nurturing environment, we aim to inspire development and foster creative problem-solving.