Compass Group helps businesses, individuals, and families Navigate Life Changing Experiences


About Compass Group

Founded in 2014, Compass Group is a St. Louis-based private equity firm with a record of success in acquiring and building lower middle-market companies.  Compass Group provides hands-on support and resources to aid management teams in exceeding historical performance and accelerating growth.


Our Values

Everybody Matters

  • Safety
  • Reward/Recognition
  • Trust & Respect = Empowerment, value all contributions and opinions
  • Leadership, Mentoring, Teaching and Positive Reinforcement

Doing What’s Right

  • Embolden a culture of honesty, integrity, and teamwork
  • Exercise good judgment even in tough situations
  • Have the courage to deliver honest and candid feedback


  • Deliver top quality products with exceptional service
  • Anticipate and exceed customer expectations
  • Provide creative solutions
  • Allow for patience, thoughtfulness, and flexibility – Listen to the Customer

Results Matter

  • Deliver as promised
  • Embrace responsibility and hold yourself and others accountable through the measurement of key metrics
  • Growth in sustainable Revenue and Margin

Be Better

  • Continuous personal and operational improvement
  • Always preparing for the future by strengthening the organization
  • Problem Solving – inside and outside the box thinking
  • Providing a positive environment which nurtures and ensures development
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Why Work with compass group?


Family Values – Our overarching Midwestern ethics, values and integrity are displayed from the negotiations through ongoing operations. We consider you our partner and treat you accordingly.

Operators – We understand management challenges and will bring value-added support whether that be high-level strategy or functional expertise and resources.

Experience – Compass Group Management has completed over 50 transactions in excess of $1 billion in transaction value.

Long-term View – Compass Group investors are business owners and executives who have built business over time and therefore prefer buying and building businesses for the long term. With no institutional capital, we are not focused on a short-term liquidity event.  Instead we work to build businesses with long-term results.

Alignment – Management teams in the portfolio typically retain equity and the principals of Compass Group invest alongside our partners. Everyone is in alignment.