Investment Focus and Criteria


Compass Group is happy to work with intermediaries under a variety of fee agreements.

Financial Parameters

  • Enterprise values of $10-50 million
  • $1-$10 million of adjusted TTM EBITDA for platforms
  • Equity investment of $2-15 million

We consider all sizes and situations for add-on acquisitions

Company Characteristics

  • Defensible market position (e.g., unique business model, IP, technology, etc.)
  • Favorable growth prospects and stable competitive dynamics
  • Positive historical cash flows with room for improvement
  • Business-to-business and product-centric
  • Diversified customer base
  • Based in North America

Management Orientation

  • Desire to work collaboratively with management to set strategic objectives and identify tactics to achieve results
  • We do not become involved in day-to-day operations
  • Invest in management transitions or augmentation as needed